When is the next book in the Highland Bodyguards series coming out?

Deceiving the Highlander, the 10th and final (sniff sniff) book in my Highland Bodyguards series, is available now on Amazon. Join me on Facebook and/or Twitter for a behind-the-scenes look at the cover, giveaways, and more announcements about this book and other upcoming projects!

Will there be more books in the Viking Lore series?

Possibly. Although there are never any cliffhangers or incomplete endings in my books, I did leave the series open for more stories. Thor's Wolf (Viking Lore, Book 3.5), which is the most recent story, takes up the story of Feitr, the Northman enslaved by Picts who first appears in Desire's Hostage (Book 3). Several years after the ending in Desire's Hostage, Feitr is now known as Thorolf. Why? You'll have to read to find out! Want even more Vikings? For a limited time, my Viking Lore short story “Aegir's Daughter" (which follows after the action of Thor's Wolf) is available as a free gift to my newsletter subscribers. Enjoy your Viking adventure!

Will there be more books in the Sinclair Brothers Trilogy?

I initially planned to only write three full-length novels about the Sinclair brothers. But then Burke, the brothers' cousin, seemed to want his own story! Burke got a novella (Highlander's Return, book 2.5), and I learned that perhaps a trilogy doesn't have to be three books after all! While there won't be any more books in the Sinclair Brothers Trilogy, I am currently writing a linked series that brings back many of the side characters from this series, as well as appearances by the heroes and heroines of the Sinclair clan who stole my heart! (See the following question for more on this new series.)

What's next for you?

I've just wrapped up a series of medieval Scottish romances called the Highland Bodyguards series, which is linked with the Sinclair Brothers Trilogy. All the beloved characters from the Sinclair Brothers series (Robert and Alwin, Garrick and Jossalyn, Burke and Meredith, and Daniel and Rona) make appearances, but the main heroes of the new series are the side characters from the Sinclair series. Ansel Sutherland, Colin MacKay, Finn Sutherland, and Will Sinclair are all featured, plus new hot Highlanders and the strong women who captivate their hearts!

Next up, I’m crafting a new series, most likely medieval Scottish since I can’t get enough of those kilted alpha heroes! ;-)

Where does your inspiration come from?

Inspiration can come at any time, from anything I encounter! I draw inspiration from T.V. shows, movies, books, conversations, being in nature, and many other places. I keep a little journal nearby most of the time to jot down ideas, snippets of plot, or character elements. When I don't have my journal at hand, I text myself a couple of words to jog my memory later.

Perhaps my biggest source of inspiration for my historical romances comes from history itself. I love researching and learning about both everyday life and major historical events like wars, political upheavals, and evolving traditions. Then I get to fictionalize these events and historical landscapes in the form of a love story--what joy!

Where does your pen name come from?

My pen name is actually a family name—Emma was my maternal great-grandmother's first name, and Prince was my paternal great-grandmother's last name! I love the thought that I am part of the legacy of these two women, who never knew each other, and yet who are the reason I'm here!