Deceiving the Highlander

A spy determined to protect her secrets. A Highlander hell-bent on the truth. All’s fair in their game of deception.

When an English spy working for Robert the Bruce falls inexplicably silent, Will Sinclair is sent to determine if she needs protection. But if he discovers her allegiances have turned…the Scottish cause must come first. Yet instead of answers, he finds a beautiful but mysterious woman who refuses to explain herself. Will has been betrayed before—which cost him an eye—so the last thing he’ll tolerate is a traitor. Can he uncover the truth before he loses his head—or his heart?

In the four years Eleanor de Monteney has worked as a spy in the English court, never have matters been more delicate—or dangerous. The last thing she needs is a rough-edged Highlander jeopardizing all her carefully constructed plans. Worse yet, in order to get close enough to assess her loyalties, he claims to be her fiancé. To protect her secrets, Eleanor must keep Will at arm’s length, but the smoldering desire between them threatens to ignite into an all-consuming blaze. With the fate of two nations hanging in the balance, will her deception cost them everything?