His Lass to Protect

Highland Bodyguards, Book 9

To prove herself, she’ll brave anything. To protect her, he’ll risk everything.

As the only woman in King Robert the Bruce’s Bodyguard Corps, Mairin Mackenzie is eager to prove herself. When the King proposes a mission to sow the seeds of civil war in England, Mairin jumps at the chance, even though returning there means confronting the nightmarish trauma of her past. But to her frustration, the Bruce decides to send a second bodyguard with her—Niall, the only Englishman in the Corps. Although Niall kindles a surprising heat within her, Mairin has sworn to hate the English until the day she dies. When she is faced with a chance at personal vengeance, can she trust in her strength, even if it means ignoring what’s in her heart?

Niall Beaumore fears this mission will be his undoing. After six long years in the Bruce’s Corps, this is his best chance to show how deep his allegiance to Scotland runs. Yet being paired with Mairin is far more dangerous than anything he’s faced before. From the moment he laid eyes on her, Niall has been captivated by the fire behind Mairin’s dove-gray gaze. After failing to protect those he cares about once before, he vows never to let Mairin come to harm. But when duty clashes with desire, they'll both be forced to choose between an unexpected love and the very fate of Scotland's freedom.