*This is a novella in the Viking Lore series and features all the beloved characters from Enthralled, Shieldmaiden’s Revenge, and Desire’s Hostage. Although it is meant to take place between Shieldmaiden’s Revenge (Book 2) and Desire’s Hostage (Book 3), it can be read as a stand-alone novella.

**This novella was originally published in the Sirens of the Northern Seas collection in January, 2016.

The Bride Prize

A Viking Lore Novella, Book 2.5

With his family lost to illness, Tarr leaves the only home he’s ever known with nothing but a dream—to sail across the North Sea to the mysterious lands in the west. In order to earn a spot on his Jarl’s voyage, he must compete against his fellow Northmen in games of strength and skill. But when he learns that the prize for winning the competition is the hand of the dark-haired beauty he met only days ago, will he be forced to choose between his dreams and his heart?

Eyva wants nothing more than to train as a shieldmaiden, but her parents refuse, hoping to yoke her to their Northland farm forever. When they put her up as the bride prize for their village’s festivities, she fears she will never escape the fate of a grueling life on her parents’ farm. But Tarr’s longing gaze and soft kisses just might give her the courage to fight for herself—and for their budding love.