Inspiration for Roslin Castle

For those interested in my book Highlander's Ransom, I wanted to share the real-life inspiration for Laird Robert Sinclair's castle. Though my depiction of Roslin Castle in the book is fictitious, I was picturing Dunnottar Castle as I wrote!

Dunnottar sits on Scotland's eastern coast, south of Aberdeen. Before the stunning castle ever perched on these cliffs over the North Sea, it was the site of a Pictish fort in the 3rd century, and a target of Viking raids in the 9th century. The castle was built in the 13th century, and was captured by William Wallace in 1297.

Over the centuries, it was visited by monarchs like Mary Queen of Scots and James VI, but eventually it fell into disrepair. Yet the ruins have been preserved and still stand today--some day I hope to see them in person!

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